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As an attorney for more than 30 years, I have managed law offices for insurance companies, worked with large law firms and now have my own office.


I have tried over 100 jury trials and settled cases worth millions of dollars. 

For representing individuals who could not afford an attorney but needed legal help I have been awarded the Randal Shepherd Pro Bono Attorney Award for 2004 and for helping in Hamilton County the Pro Bono Attorney Award for 2006.


I have represented businesses and individuals who are forced to defend themselves from frivolous lawsuits and helped companies and individuals obtain verdicts and settlements that they deserve.

Some matters settle quickly and others go to trial.  In evaluating your case, my job is to help you decide whether an early settlement makes sense for you or whether you will only receive a fair result by taking your case to trial. 

Only an experienced lawyer can make the process clear and help you prepare for the costs at

each step along the way. You should never be surprised by the outcome or the cost of getting

there. Knowing your rights and what is required of you is the beginning step to making good

choices and achieving the best possible result.


As a mediator I take the time necessary to get to know the individuals involved and make sure that both sides have the opportunity to make the decision which is best for them.


I grew up in Southern California, went to school there, began a law practice and began a family.  In 1998 my wife and I decided that our children needed to grow to adulthood in a better place.  We moved from Los Angeles to Fishers, Indiana and became a part of a local church and of the Hamilton County community.


Whether your case is simple or complex - whether you need an attorney or mediator - I can help.


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